ABOUT USLeading lighting design provider for theme lighting

Create a better and top scientific research institutions, colleges and universities at home and abroad, design organization established strategic cooperative relations, the company is equipped with lighting design center, automation control, construction and materials research center, multimedia technology and creative hub, such as the industry leader in the design, technical and creative platform. In addition, the design team maintains long-term cooperation and exchanges with many well-known international companies.


The design team covers architectural design, environmental art design, visual presentation, operation planning, decoration design, structural design, product design, electrical design, etc. Team members have years of experience in theme lighting industry, and have unique concepts and insightful views on lighting and luminaries.


In the process of the creation of lighting art, if creativity is the kite, then the technology must be the thread that pulls it. Technology is the transformation from the artistic effect to the actual scene.ChuangYiJia construction team can accurately realize the effect of light and shadow art relying on its years of experience, to present rendering of works and the second creation and make it a real and valuable artwork.

System application

s the important cornerstone of the lighting solution, the control system has a key role in the realization of the whole scene. In accordance with the market demand, ChuangYiJia R&D team has continuously accelerated the innovation pace with the support of technology, and has now applied for the patent of dozens of control system products design.


Combine owner's spiritual culture and the IP image with holidays and hot spots, creative story can be converted to digital content, to realize the sustainable operation of lighting, thus providing multiple value for the owners, e.g. commercial, art, culture value etc.