BUSINESS SCOPEA movement of light with light

From the creative design and delivery to the lighting operation, ChuangYiJia can provide the integrated theme lighting closed-loop service solution for the owner.


Broad perspective: to ensure a steady stream of creative inspiration, designers will participate in various international designer salons, academic summit BBS and frontier exhibitions, and go abroad to study regularly.Cooperation: the design team mainly responsible for the design of positioning, optical arts concept, regional division, color matching and representation. The lighting design team is responsible for the lighting design, electrical design, structural design, etc.


Match light: the color of light and modelling need to match with building, environmentInstallation structure: hiding luminaries in the light using unique structural designIntelligent lighting control system: accurately control the color and temperature, and realize the dynamic effect change through intelligent control system

Light operating

Subvert the concept of lighting investment: to help owners convert their fixed asset investment into liquid assets and maximize their valueActivation of lighting value: through thematic operation, obtain more customers and generate greater commercial valueCreate a light service closed loop: complete industrial chain platform advantage, create a full life cycle smart lighting service